November 8th 2014

Connie Rascon Gunther
Gaining Wisdom and Drive from your Genetic Memory
My Dad never took a piano lesson in his life, yet he could play any song he heard.  How is that possible? One of my ancestors was noted for being exceptional with numbers. Is this an inherited ability?  Can an inner drive to excel beyond all physical odds, be genetic?  Genetic memory is a process in which memory is passed down through the generations and stored in our DNA.  Although controversial, science has proven genetic memory exists. I will share some interesting stories so you can ponder or decide if genetic memory’s plays a role in your family history.
Use your Heritage to Build Resilience
Ever feel like another emotional curve ball just hit you? All you wanted was a little more time to yourself so you can research that new branch of that family tree you just started. Your family may think all of your genealogy work is wasted time.  Not so!  All that family research and tree building time is valuable.   In fact it could be the difference between life and death. Understand how famous celebrities use family history to get through the road bumps in life. Listen to how and why you could share your family stories. 

Genealogy Classes

Genealogy classes are held at 9am in the classrooms one flight above the regular meeting hall at St. Andrew's.

Latest News
January '15 - SDGS Welcomes D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS

D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS will the be the speaker at the January 10th, 2015 Annual Meeting at Marina Village. Josh is the president of Federation of Genealogical Societies and a researcher and advisor on the television programs Genealogy Road Show and Who Do You think You Are? Watch for registration information on the website soon.

Collaborating with the San Diego History Center
SDGS is now working in collaboration with the San Diego History Center on Free Tuesday in December, 2014 and Genealogy Day October, 2015. Watch our website for more information. CeCe Moore will be the keynote speaker at the Genealogy Day in October, 2015. We are excited and proud about this collaboration.

By-Laws Proposals
A proposal to adopt changes to our By-Laws has been drafted and will be presented soon. A copy is available for viewing by members in good standing in our members-only area.

New Members

Susan Hakala * Sally N. Inglis * Yvette Porter Moore * Janet Peet * Curry Wolfe

Family History Library Research Trip to SLC

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