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Books of San Diego County, California genealogical and historical records that have been published by the San Diego Genealogical Society are available for purchase here with online payment through PayPal or use the 'publication order form' to make a purchase with payment by check.
Many of these Society publications are also available online in pdf format through the 'Members Only' section of this website.
The San Diego Genealogical Society has an online eBay store that sells a variety of genealogy and family history books at discounted prices.
One hundred percent of the proceeds from sales through this website and the eBay store support the San Diego Genealogical Society.
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El Cajon Cemetery, San Diego County, California $30.00
Prefaced with a cemetery history; 8800+ burials dating from the late 1880s through June 2007
Escondido Cemetery Records, 1883-1960 $10.00
Mortuary Records (Johnson-Saum & Knobel) 1869-1888, 1907-1909 $22.00
Mount Hope Cemetery, Book 1, 1868-1909 $45.00
San Diego Cemetery & Burial Records, Volume 1 $17.00
1850 U.S. Census, San Diego County, California $6.00
1852 California State Census, San Diego County $7.00
1860 U.S. Census, San Diego County, California $25.00
Complete transcription with Mortality, Agriculture and Industry schedules, plus index
1870 U.S. Census, San Diego County, California $27.00
1880 U.S. Census, San Diego County, California $0.00
Coming soon!
Church Records
Episcopal Church Records - Holy Trinity, 1872-1887 $9.00
Parish register includes marriages and burials; St. Paul's Communicants, 1887
First Presbyterian Church San Diego, Church Records $18.00
Second book of the Church Register
Land and Property
Index to Pre-emption Claims, San Diego County, 1850-1890s $10.00
Land Records, Grantor Index, 1848-1872 $30.00
Newspaper Records (Vital Statistics 1851 - Feb 1885) $22.00
Tax Assessment Rolls, 1853-1863, San Diego County $15.00
Taypayers, San Diego County, 1850-1852 $10.00
Vital Records
Birth Records, San Diego County, 1860-1889 $6.00
Coroner's Inquest of San Diego County 1870-1896 $13.00
Newspaper Records (Vital Statistics 1851 - Feb 1885) $22.00
Voter Registration
Great Register of Voters, San Diego County, 1866-1879 $20.00
Prices are plus postage of $4.50 for the first book and $1.00 for each additional book. California residents please add 8.75% California sales tax.

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