Contacting SDGS
Mailing Address
San Diego Genealogical Society
PO Box 33725
San Diego, CA 92163
(800) 306-6700
General Inquiry:

Officers: with email links

President: Diane Lott
First Vice President: Susan Pentico
2nd Vice President [Interim]: Jane Morrow
Secretary: Debra Anderson
Treasurer: Joann Orendurff

Directors: with email links

Programs: Paul Hawthorne
Membership: Julia Zuffinetti
Historian: Paul Hawthorne
Special Events: Larry Klaasen
Director at Large: Kenneth Robison
Webmaster: Sue Aprea

Committees: with email links

Education Committee: Penny McBride
Hospitality Committee: Kathy Roell
Lost Treasures Committee: Bonnie Fago
Newsletter Editor: Diane Lott
Nominating Committee: Jacquelyn McMaster
Queries: Peter Steelquist
San Diego Leaves & Saplings: Marna Clemons
Speaker's Bureau: Penny McBride
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