Officers, Directors and Committees

Officers: with email links

President: Diane Lott
First Vice President: Susan Pentico
2nd Vice President [Interim]: Jane Morrow
Secretary: Debra Anderson
Treasurer: Joann Orendurff

Directors: with email links

Programs: Paul Hawthorne
Membership: Julia Zuffinetti
Historian: Paul Hawthorne
Special Events: Larry Klaasen
Director at Large: Kenneth Robison
Webmaster: Sue Aprea

Committees: with email links

Education Committee: Penny McBride
Hospitality Committee: Kathy Roell
Lost Treasures Committee: Bonnie Fago
Newsletter Editor: Diane Lott
Nominating Committee: Jacquelyn McMaster
Queries: Peter Steelquist
San Diego Leaves & Saplings: Marna Clemons
Speaker's Bureau: Penny McBride
About Us
Founded in 1946, the San Diego Genealogical Society exists to promote interest in genealogy and family history. SDGS is a public benefit non-profit corporation. It has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. The Society

The Society's address is PO Box 33725, San Diego, CA 92163.

SDGS publishes a monthly newsletter and a quarterly journal, San Diego Leaves & Saplings. The Society has also published numerous books of San Diego County historical and genealogical records.

On occasion, the Society and its activities are chronicled in the local San Diego media. These newspaper and television segments have featured the San Diego Genealogical Society
The society also supports and participates in Operation Ancestor Search