Genealogy Classes

Meet at 9am in the classroom upstairs at St Andrews Lutheran Church just prior to our second Saturday meeting.

The classes cover a wide range of topics of interest such as social media, computer genealogy software selection, working with census records, online resources, etc. 



                                                          June 9




Presenter Kathleen Fernandes

This class addresses topics related to DNA testing and analysis, including the basics of DNA testing, an overview of the major testing companies, third party sites, and strategies for analysis and interpretation of testing results. The class is open to all levels of experience. It is recommended that attendees read “The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy” by Blaine Bettinger prior to attending the class.

Genealogy Computer resources

 Presenter Peter Steelquist

In 'Genealogy Computer Resources', we'll review your options for compiling and storing your data -- Is the 'cloud' or your PC the best option. Which genealogy program should you use? which is best?. What other computer tools you'll find essential. We'll then cover computer and online search methodologies -- little known tricks to help you find what you are looking for. Finally, we'll survey some of, the best 50+ web sites.




                                                                               July 14                                                                                          



Presenter Del Reinhhart

The objective of this Special Interest Group (SIG) is to discuss various functions and capabilities of  The presentations are a combination of Power Point slides and live demonstration of the program, with an emphasis on the latter.  Since the SIG is held multiple times per year, we attempt to discuss different functions and capabilities at each session.  Those include; but are not limited to the following:

 --New functions and changes

 --Functions that may not be well known by current users; but are very helpful in conducting research.

 --A periodic review of the most useful and popular functions of

 --Due to the rapid growth in the use of DNA in genealogy and the importance of Ancestry’s DNA testing and software functions, we usually spend some time in each session discussing the use of Ancestry’s DNA functions.

 --At each session we attempt to leave about 15 minutes at the end of each session for questions and answers.

--We welcome suggestions at each session of topics for future sessions



Genealogy on the Mac Intermediate Level

Presenter Dona Ritchie

This class targets Mac users who have a good grasp of the computer and some familiarity with genealogy. It takes off from where the beginner course ends. It will show you how to use advanced features to help you uncover your family history.




Limited Seating, RSVP Required to  for a spot if you plan to attend.


For more information about these classes, please check the calendar of events.


Address: Post Office Box 33725 

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